Curves, Bigger Butts, and Our Culture

Our current day and age culture is nothing short of miraculous. Things such as technological advancements, scientific ventures, and just how far we humans have generally come in the past hundred odd years or so. However, we are still not without our faults.

And these specific faults tend to be known worldwide, however, for the sake of this article I am mainly pointing out the superficial and rather vain faults that western culture are particularly known for.

Particularly in the media and fashion industries, the long going new age demand for women to be as skinny as humanely possible has seen a turn for the better in recent years.

The new word out on the streets is that skinny is out and curves are in. With famous western celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergera boasting their voluptuously curvy bodies across magazine and tv screens alike; the once sought after pencil thin figure is getting the boot for a more curvacious side of life.

Even across the globe the curvier side of women is starting to become a cultural trend. Such industries like the bollywood hindi films are back to embracing more voluptuous women in their films.

With all the new demand for curves, more and more women are seeking natural ways to get a bigger butt. In fact getting a bigger butt is becoming such a hot topic that women are even going as far as getting expensive and dangerous butt augmentation surgeries to enhance their figures even further.

But it doesn’t just end at getting a bigger butt. Women are also seeking ways to getting wider hips, through means of hip enhancing exercises and even the addition of estrogen supplementation.

In fact bigger booties and plus size women are becoming more and more apparent in western and cultures around the world as time progresses. Fashion industries are taking a less vain and more diverse approach to their stars.

In 2010 we had the first plus sized women’s fashion show, and at the moment there are is an increase of voluptuous actors appearing in magazines, commercials, and beauty products alike.

Such companies like dove have been known for featuring bigger women across their commercials in their campaigns for natural beauty — showing the true natural woman. Even companies like H&M in their recent swimsuit banners are featuring bigger women across the board.

All in all, its hard to say if the big-time runway pencil thin models of today will ever be fully replaced by bigger and curvier women, however, cultures across the globe are becoming more and more diverse and the natural women is finally starting to get the credit they deserve.

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