Canadian War Museum – A Breathtaking Look At Our History



The Canadian War Museum features fascinating and outstanding exhibits detailing and displaying Canadian military history from the far prior times, to our current present standings. It details and outlines the lives and conditions of people both on the battlegrounds and in their households during those times.

The Museum contains a vast collection of art pieces, artifacts, military vehicles, weapons, artillery etc. Containing some 13,000 pieces within its massive collection — they help to  define the events taking place during that time period, and put a better perspective on the matter.

The human experience during the specified time period is defined and explained through stories, artifacts, photos, art pieces, interactive media, transportation, and more.

Located next to the Ottawa river, the military history museum is an experience that should not be missed, for all people interested in Canadian history and culture.

The Massive Subculture Known As Cosplay

Naruto cosplay


Cosplay is a word known to many across the planet. The word cosplay is a comination of costume and play. Originally starting in Japan, cosplay remained a rather small niche until around the early 90′s when it broke into popular culture — and it broke in hard at that.

In fact you will be hard pressed to attend any convention nowadays without majority of the people there being decorated from head to toe in a cosplay costume.

So what exactly is cosplay?

Cosplay is the act of dressing up to portray the appearance and sometimes role of whatever character you have chosen. However, it goes further than this, and one would argue that cosplay is more than just “costume dressup” but rather than of a performance art.

A lot of cosplayers even design their own costumes from scratch as well.
However, a lot of people still do not understand why people dress up the way they do; portraying characters from video games, movies, tv series, anime, and manga. But since cosplay has become such a huge subculture it warrants reason that these unknowing individuals find out.

I asked some people I knew who knew people that participate in cosplay; about WHY they really dress up and WHY they like it so much. With it becoming so popular clearly there is something about this to love that us non cosplaying folks are missing right? Lets find out:

“There are two main reason why I, and most people I know participate in cosplay and cosplay events.”


First off cosplay is about showing the world what you love and expressing it thoroughly. Its one thing to love your favorite character or feel one with them; but its another to actually dress up as them and declare it to the world. Majority of us wish we could live the life of our favorite characters throughout the worlds of various video games or tv shows. And dressing up as that character and devoting time and energy to it is a lot more fun than just daydreaming about it.

Second is the community that comes with cosplay. A lot of people have met a ton of their friends and great people who like to do the same thing where they otherwise wouldn’t. You know, you cant tell if that person likes the exact same shows and characters as you if they’re just dressed normally at events. However, when everyone is dressed up you can tell exactly who’s into what you’re into and finding an instant commonality is that much easier. Then of course there’s also all the pictures you take with other people where you otherwise wouldn’t. And of course there’s also a lot of incentive to portray your character as best you can; as people will typically come up to you and tell you how bad ass/they love that/you look awesome,  or some other variation.”

As you can see those are just two of many likely reasons why people participate in cosplay, but now lets talk about some of the most popular characters and shows people are cosplaying about.

By far one of the most common portrayed tv shows/anime out there is Naruto. Naruto is the most popular anime out at the moment. It started in Japan before it spread over to North America like crazy. Tons of people are portraying some of their favorite Naruto characters which tend to be the ones that possess a certain ocular ability; that visually consists of red and black various swirls known as the sharingan. In fact just the sharingan itself is so popular that there are thousands of naruto fans monthly ordering sharingan contact lenses online for their favorite Uchiha character like Uchiha Sasuke, Itachi, Madara or Kakashi — all characters from the anime series Naruto.

Other popular tried and true classic characters to portray remain the same year after year. Like Batman, Superman, Star Wars, and many others.

It may be hard to fathom to some that there are hundreds of thousands — if not more — people dressing up as their favorite characters and going out into the world. However, as it stands cosplay in North America is booming and it is here to stay.

Vanity In Our Culture

Vanity in our culture has seemingly never been stronger or more apparent. Acts of narcissism, materialism, consumerism, and the need to satisfy the ego are everywhere and seemingly apparent in almost everyone these days.

And while I went over this need for vanity and appearancs in my other article — today I want to go over this topic in a more negative light.

A great way to start this off is to watch this video below. It will get you in the proper mindset as it goes over how our culture is in an all time decline.

If you liked this video you can check out the full writeup here.

For example lets take a look at the recent boom that has been seen for cosmetic plastic surgeries over the past decade or so. In fact focusing in on rhinoplasty we can see that in 2012 there were 242,684 people that recieved rhinoplasty according to this michigan rhinoplasty specialist. Granted some of these nose job’s were for structural issues but majority were purely for aesthetic appearance only. And the numbers for plastic surgeries purely for cosmetic purposes in our western society is huge and growing.

Besides plastic surgeries of the face or areas of the body that can be seen; our need to feel better and more attractive everywhere is staggering. A good example of this is the amount of companies out there profiting off the insecurites of people by providing a solution for their shortcomings. The male enhancement industry for one is a good example of this. Due to the media and other sources out there, men are desperately ashamed of the size of their penis because it is seen as a representation of ones manhood. And due to this there are tons of expensive penis enlargement devices on the market capitilizing on this. Just check out this review of the phallosan forte I dug up. This penis extender system resembles something of a medieval torture device that claims to give men a bigger and harder penis.

And it doesnt just stop there. Women and men everywhere are becoming more and more insecure, wasting more money, becoming more stressed, and even developing personality disorders from the vanity and pressures in our current culture.

Marshall Mcluhan made once uttered a quote saying that “the last thing a fish would ever notice in its habitat is the water”. And this same type of message applies to us humans in our everyday lives and within our cutlure. Very infrequently do people take a break from their everyday lives to actually stop and look at whats going on around them. Typically from being too busy in the daily grind or from the fear of social alienation.

But when one actually does stop to think about our supposed normality — we start to unravel the dark truth thats really behind it.

Curves, Bigger Butts, and Our Culture

Our current day and age culture is nothing short of miraculous. Things such as technological advancements, scientific ventures, and just how far we humans have generally come in the past hundred odd years or so. However, we are still not without our faults.

And these specific faults tend to be known worldwide, however, for the sake of this article I am mainly pointing out the superficial and rather vain faults that western culture are particularly known for.

Particularly in the media and fashion industries, the long going new age demand for women to be as skinny as humanely possible has seen a turn for the better in recent years.

The new word out on the streets is that skinny is out and curves are in. With famous western celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergera boasting their voluptuously curvy bodies across magazine and tv screens alike; the once sought after pencil thin figure is getting the boot for a more curvacious side of life.

Even across the globe the curvier side of women is starting to become a cultural trend. Such industries like the bollywood hindi films are back to embracing more voluptuous women in their films.

With all the new demand for curves, more and more women are seeking natural ways to get a bigger butt. In fact getting a bigger butt is becoming such a hot topic that women are even going as far as getting expensive and dangerous butt augmentation surgeries to enhance their figures even further.

But it doesn’t just end at getting a bigger butt. Women are also seeking ways to getting wider hips, through means of hip enhancing exercises and even the addition of estrogen supplementation.

In fact bigger booties and plus size women are becoming more and more apparent in western and cultures around the world as time progresses. Fashion industries are taking a less vain and more diverse approach to their stars.

In 2010 we had the first plus sized women’s fashion show, and at the moment there are is an increase of voluptuous actors appearing in magazines, commercials, and beauty products alike.

Such companies like dove have been known for featuring bigger women across their commercials in their campaigns for natural beauty — showing the true natural woman. Even companies like H&M in their recent swimsuit banners are featuring bigger women across the board.

All in all, its hard to say if the big-time runway pencil thin models of today will ever be fully replaced by bigger and curvier women, however, cultures across the globe are becoming more and more diverse and the natural women is finally starting to get the credit they deserve.

Texting And Its Role In Our Culture

Texting has become a major part of western culture over the past decade or so. Various individuals ranging in age from young to old are texting regularly on a daily basis — and the number of users who are texting seems to be continously growing as technology advances.

Texting is by far the most frequent form of communication amongst teenagers, where verbal phone communication takes up about 40%, and face to face interaction at only 35%.

In fact regular texters between the ages of 18 and 24 tend to send out an average of 110 messages per day, which works out to more than 3,200 messages per month.

So with so many people text messaging on a regular basis, what are they all talking about? What are the advantages and uses for the frequent messager? Lets take a look.



Texting has become an integral if not required part of dating and courtship in our current day and age. Unless you are of an older generation, it is almost implied that messaging will occur sometime after getting the number, unless verbal communication is otherwise specified.

In turn this has bred an entire industry within the dating niche for teaching people (mostly men) the proper ways of texting, for proper courtship and flirting to occur. Learning how to text a girl you like has become a source of income for many dating coaches, and a method of getting a girlfriend for the future exceptional text messager.

In fact even starting a text conversation with a girl is a concept that leaves most people in our culture dumbfounded. The amount of pressure in our society to be socailly adept is huge. When people are able to communicate with dozens of people at the same time — making a good first impression is absolutely essential for courtship to progress further.

Sexting is also another part of the equation. Studies have shown that roughly 28% of teens using their phones are sexting; which is much higher than previously recorded times have shown.



Texting is also used in our culture for business transactions and related issues. Such things as tracking delivery packages and parcels are now a breeze. Exact times and dates are easily recorded when messaging comes into play; and hasty replies and concerns can be addressed instaneously.

Such other business related things like juggling multiple clients, better customer service, subscription services, discreet messages, schedules, and news can all be easier achieved via texting.


Since text messaging broke into our culture over a decade ago, it has since become ever growing in popularity and a crucial staple in many peoples day to day lifestyles. It is hard to predict what the future will bring, but texting seems like its going to be around for the long haul.